Easy To Retail

Tradows is a web platform for store owners to get hot products, sell products online and manage the business. Tradows provides an easily managed online store and creates the database for you to store your offering products, the products sent to you from your suppliers, the enquiries to your suppliers, the purchase order from your customers and the purchase orders to your suppliers.

A Web Store Controlled by Your Own Hand

A web store not only can generate extra revenue from the Internet sales, but also is a good tool to promote your brand and store image. Tradows provides a web store that is easy to setup and maintain. If you know how to use browser, you can manage your web store and add products. Tradows let you create multiple categories to list different offering products and you can add your supplier's products to the web store by just one click without re-input the product information.

Compare and Select Right Products and Suppliers

It is always a challenge for the store owners to find good products. Tradows has a large wholesale business network that can send their products to your Tradows database. You can also search the wholesalers in your region and ask them to send your interested products or ask Tradows to find the suppliers for you. You can compare the product picture, description and price from different suppliers.

Sell the Products Even Not in your Physical Store

You have limited store space, but have unlimited web store to present your offering products that fit your customer, no matter they are in your physical store or not. Manage your web store is easy, you can click to add new products in your web store by asking your provider to send their product pictures and specifications through Tradows.

Manage Your Products

It sometimes takes time to find a product's purchase price, selling price and match the description, photos with the prices. Through Tradows, you can find the product information from your offering products, supplier's products and even all the product information sent from the potential suppliers easily.

Manage Your Transaction and Supplier Information

You can click to generate purchase orders based on existing product offering. Every quotation and transaction is recorded in Tradows. You can easily find out what, when and how much of a transaction. Tradows always prompts the last order price or default price when you purchase products. You'll never mix up the prices between different suppliers with Tradows.

Collaborate the Work among Your Employees

A company can have mulitple users to use Tradows service. All the product, supplier and customer information can be shared to the users with the access control. You can still help your customers when the direct contacted employee is absent.

Tradows Can Boost Your Sales and Save Your Cost

Tradows makes you sale more products and care more customers, which brings more revenues. You can compare more suppliers and take more product selections, which saves your cost.

Benefits of Tradows Services
  • Hold Sales Results at Your Own Hands
  • Guaranteed Result
  • Your Supplier Channel will Grow Automatically
  • Get Right Information For Your Business
  • Easy to Use
  • Local Support
  • Risk Free

Top 5 Questions
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  3. How much does Tradows cost?
  4. What are the Payment Options?
  5. Is Tradows Secure?
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