easyDESIGN is an add-on Tradows service to design your brochure, logo and refine your product image. Tradows platform provides a great tool for members to communicate with the designers. The finished work will be delivered to your Tradows database and linked with your product, no matter where the logo or the brochure is designed.

Easy to Arrange

When you upload product image or company logo, you can click "easyDESIGN" to ask Tradows design for you. Samples from different designers are displayed along with the price of the work and perceive result. It's easy for you to select the right style. You can give the requirement or let the designer start based your Tradows introduction and product information.

Rapid Response

Tradows community helps Tradows bargain with the shipping companies to get more discounts. Tradows services passes the shipper and receiver information to shipping company through electronic system, which reduces the sales and customer service cost. Tradows will pass the savings to Tradows members to save cost

Cost Effective

easyDESIGN costs much less than the similar design in North America based on the good communication platform and outsourcing resources.

Benefits of Tradows Services
  • Hold Sales Results at Your Own Hands
  • Guaranteed Result
  • Your Supplier Channel will Grow Automatically
  • Get Right Information For Your Business
  • Easy to Use
  • Local Support
  • Risk Free

Top 5 Questions
  1. I use search engine and B2B marketplace services already. Why should I try Tradows?
  2. Can I use Tradows to manage all my client information?
  3. How much does Tradows cost?
  4. What are the Payment Options?
  5. Is Tradows Secure?

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