Sales and Promotions

Tradows provides you a central place to manage your sales activities.

Customer Search

There are nearly a million importers, wholesalers and retailers in Tradows platform. You can find your potential customers by the product keyword search. If you are focused on local customers, you can find them by restricting the country, state/province or even cities. Tradows already did the market research for you. It takes only several seconds to find your potential customers.

Customer Management

After find your potential customers, you can click to add them in your customer database, the information includes the company description, contact information, web page, products. It is very easy to get the information about your customer. You can also group you customer based on their locations or types.

Send Quotations and Promotions

You can generate your quotations and promotions without typing anything in Tradows. For the content, you can click to add your product information with pictures, description, selling price and other documents to your quotation; for quotation and promotion target, you can add your existing customers or the new customers that you just found through the Tradows search by clicks; you can add multiple customers or customer groups as your promotions targets. There is no need to match your customers with their email address or fax number. It takes you several minutes if not seconds to generate and send quotations through Tradows platform.

Received Orders

Your Tradows customer can send a purchase order to you through Tradows. You can click to accept the PO and generate the corresponding invoice. You can also generate your PO to your corresponding suppliers according to your received PO by just clicks.

Quotation, Inquiry and Order Management

Tradows stores your quotations and customer's inquiries in one place. You can easily find out the quotation and inquiry history of a customer for accurate sales.

Benefits of Tradows Services
  • Hold Sales Results at Your Own Hands
  • Guaranteed Result
  • Your Supplier Channel will Grow Automatically
  • Get Right Information For Your Business
  • Easy to Use
  • Local Support
  • Risk Free

Top 5 Questions
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  2. Can I use Tradows to manage all my client information?
  3. How much does Tradows cost?
  4. What are the Payment Options?
  5. Is Tradows Secure?
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