easyQC is an add-on Tradows service for quality check before shipping. When you order overseas, the product in the shipment might different from the samples you received from the same manufacture. easyQC help you to make sure the product quality meets your standards instead of totally depending on the provider's credibility. Tradows checks products quality randomly or of the whole shipment according to your requirement. You provide the check procedures and Tradows associates will perform the procedures overseas. It gives you more options in case something goes wrong. easyQC is only available for suppliers in China at the moment.

Easy to Arrange

When you order products through Tradows, you can click "easyQC" button to ask Tradows to conduct quality check before shipping. You can list the check procedure and requirement; Tradows associates will arrange the quality check in the factory of your supplier or warehouse before shipping and quote you within 24 hours.


Tradows has associates in your industry and understands the quality check procedure. Tradows will provide the check report of where, when and what have been checked based on your requirement.

Cost Effective

Man power costs must less in China compared with it in North American. The travel and accommodation cost takes a big truck of the cost. Tradows have thousands associates around China and will arrange the nearest one to your supplier to conduct the check. It will save your money and check time.

Easy to Settle the Dispute

The check result is associated with your purchase order. Both you and your supplier can easily review the result. It can reduce the communication cost and dispute.

Benefits of Tradows Services
  • Hold Sales Results at Your Own Hands
  • Guaranteed Result
  • Your Supplier Channel will Grow Automatically
  • Get Right Information For Your Business
  • Easy to Use
  • Local Support
  • Risk Free

Top 5 Questions
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