Projects and Collaboration

Tradows provides the functions for you to link all the activities from different users associated with one task into a project, so that you can easily track the status and manage the project.

Project Management

There are a lot of activities for a customer project, such as, the inquiry from the customer, your associated inquiries to suppliers, the quotation from the suppliers, your quotations to the customer, the PO from the customer, your PO to your suppliers, etc. Project Management functions links all the activities in a project and let you tracking the status of each project easily. You'll never left a customer behind.

Document Sharing

Tradows provides spaces for members to put shared documents with access controls. The documents can be marketing strategies, sales techniques or technical specifications. You can create different directories for different project or sectors. Tradows provides an editor to input multimedia content directly in the server, you can view it through your browser directly instead of downloading and play. It is much easier for you to synchronize information among your people.

Collaboration among Employees

All your information in Tradows can be share among your people with access control. You can easily get the contact and transaction history of a customer and provide the right services even when the directly contact person is absent. When you draft a strategy or prepare a sales pitch, you can check who did what in a project and the customer's response at finger tips. It's easy for you to collaborate with other people for a project.

Benefits of Tradows Services
  • Hold Sales Results at Your Own Hands
  • Guaranteed Result
  • Your Supplier Channel will Grow Automatically
  • Get Right Information For Your Business
  • Easy to Use
  • Local Support
  • Risk Free

Top 5 Questions
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  3. How much does Tradows cost?
  4. What are the Payment Options?
  5. Is Tradows Secure?
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