Tradows is your extra sales channel to acquire customers and generate new revenue.

B-Store Program

B-Store program is for Brand Name Retailers and Wholesales, it could bring extra $100K+ sales without extra store space and employee cost.

Sell to 30,000+ Extra Customers

Tradows has setup a web store network of local coffee shops and convenience stores (C-Stores). C-Store has influence to their customers, as most customers are frequent customers and known to a C-Store. When you upload the products into Tradows platform, your products will be added to every web stores. C-Store will promote the products in its web store and take a percentage of the sales as the bonus. There are around 300 to 500 customers visiting a C-Store every day. Tradows helps you reach more than 30K+ extra customers every day.

Ordering Process

  1. Customers order your products at C-Stores;
  2. Both you and the C-Stores get the order information;
  3. You prepare the order(s) from all C-Stores at the end of the day;
  4. Tradows will pickup all the orders from your store and deliver to each C-Store the next day;
  5. Customers pickup the ordered products at C-Stores

Your Own Web Store

A web store can not only enhance your store image, but also bring traffic to your actual store. A lot of customers like to find products in the website before going there. A web store leads customers to you.
Tradows provides you a fully functional web store for you. Your customers can access or (if you owns the domain) to browse and purchase from your web store directly. The web store displays only your products and you have the full control of the web store.

Extra Revenue with No Additional Cost

Tradows could bring you extra 100K+ revenue with little work. You can utilize the staff on low traffic hours to upload products and prepare the orders. There is no risk to start.

Increase Your Purchase Power

The extra sales from Tradows channel give you the extra bargain power with your suppliers.

Free Advertising for You

Your store name will appear in all the C-Stores that sell your products. It helps gain the awareness of your store among the tens of thousands customers.

Not Traditional Online Shopping

Tradows is different from Amazon or eBay where the customers cannot verify the product before purchase. The customers purchase from their trust places and need not a credit card to shop from Tradows stores.
Tradows B-Store Customers

Mind Games

Philips Home ES

C-Store Program

C-Store program is for Convenience Stores and Coffee Shops, it could bring extra $10K+ profit without much extra work.

Offer Thousands of More Products to Your Customers

Tradows builds a web store special for you. You can sell thousands of products from the brand stores in the local shopping malls or local wholesalers, ranging from toys, gifts, stationary to home appliance, clothing, etc.
Your customers can access to browse and purchase products from your web store or at your counter. The purchasing price is the same as it of the corresponding brand stores in the shopping mall.

Extra Revenue with No Additional Cost

You profit from a portion of the sales from your web store. Tradows builds and maintains your web store, connects the suppliers, handles the order and ships the products.
There is no extra cost to you
  • No need for extra store space
  • No product cost
  • No inventory and shipping cost
All you need to do is
  • Promote your web store by passing the promotion materials to your customers
  • Receive the ordered products
  • Collect the money (if not paid by customer yet) and hand out the ordered products

One Stop Shop for Your Customers

The products in you web store will fit your customer base well. Tradows will also provide as many products as possible to fulfill your customer needs. There will be new products added every week. Tradows will keep your web site fit the trend.

Bring Convenience to Your Customer

It's easy for your customer to find the desired products by searching from your web store and your customer can order products from different stores. It is more convenient for them to get the ordered products than driving out.

Enhance the Relationship with your Customer

Customers are more likely to buy a coffee or other products when they pickup orders at your store. The web store also attracts new customers to your actual store.
Tradows Products
Philip Shavers Black & Decker
Cookware Coffee Machines
Swarovski Royal Doulton
Puzzles Toys

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similar to Daisy Mart C-Store
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